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Brazilian Tropicana Show

The Brazilian Tropicana Show is a high-energy, authentically themed performance that captures the tropical and mysteriously electrifying culture of Brazil. Our performance includes a variety of traditional Brazilian arts including "Mulatas" (Samba dancers), Capoeira (a Brazilian Martial art), Maculele (a historical Brazilian dance), and a Brazilian band to bring it all together.

We perform in the greater Central Florida area including Orlando, Winter Park, and surrounding areas. We can also travel to you! Please call us for more details!

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The "Mulatas" (Samba Dancers) are both electrifying and stunning and are true Brazilian tradition! Our authentic female Brazilian samba dancers draw attention in their elaborate costumes: glamorous bikinis decorated in colorful sequins and feathers with headdresses straight from the famous Brazilian Carnival celebration. Dancers do the traditional Samba dance involving members of the audience to join the fun! Performance is done to pre-recorded music or a live band if purchased.

Brazilian Band

A Brazilian band made up of authentic Brazilian musicians adds an energetic and lively vibe to the entire performance. The band will perform sounds from the heart of Brazil including Samba, Brazilian Rock, Pop, and Brazilian Reggae. Our musicians can be hired to accompany a Samba performance and are also available separately for nightly venues.


Capoeira, a traditional Brazilian Martial Art, combines aspects of dance, acrobatics, and lethal martial arts techniques to create a truly stunning visual demonstration. The Capoeira performance also includes live music (drums, berimbau, and tambourine) along with live singing, or a pre-recorded CD of the musical tradition. Capoeira is a very unique and exciting performance, and it's always a crowd favorite!


Maculele is a traditional Brazilian machete fighting dance. Our demonstration is again performed to live instruments and singing. The performers do a dance interacting with each other using wooden sticks to symbolize the traditional machetes (for safety reasons). This performance involves a costume change and is typically performed directly before the Capoeira demonstration. (Capoeira will follow with the same performers).

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Brazilian Tropicana Show is a division of Capoeira Brazilian Pelourinho, Inc.